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Handmade jewelry from metal clay
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Advantages and disadvantages of stone chips

Advantages and disadvantages of stone crumb Decorative plaster – an attractive, from a decorative point of view, and not difficult to apply waterproof material. Today, the construction market offers a variety of the most diverse, unusual and interesting types and methods of wall surface finishing.

Stone chips – a lot of multi-colored small pebbles, mixed with adhesive and bonding materials. The baby perfectly masks the cracks and wrinkles of the coated surface. She is not whimsical in the care (it is permissible to wash it with soapy water or wipe it with a soft, damp cloth).

The stone crumb is adhering perfectly on the wall.
Stone chips have many colors and shades. Marble marble facing looks amazing and can change color shades depending on the lighting.

Please note: a large decorative crumb is perfect for the design of the facade of the building, small – for interior work. Currently on sale can be found granite, marble and quartz chips. The decorative crumb is produced in plastic and metal buckets.

Keep in mind: decorative chips contain fragments of natural stones, so the coating is considered very heavy. Coverage consumption per 1 m2 is from 2 to 4 kg of stones.

Decorative baby has many advantages:
perfectly resists any bad weather: perfectly withstands frost and heat;
brilliantly masks the various surface irregularities;
can be applied on foam concrete, cement, plasterboard panels, concrete, plaster;
very strong and durable material;
the baby is extremely resistant to mechanical damage;

due to the porous structure allows the walls to “breathe”.
The disadvantage of such a facing material is that when replacing the stone crumb coating, you will have to tear it off along with the wall, since the surface after applying a small stone becomes a monolith. It is recommended to update the plane of the walls (gluing wallpaper or painting) from above, directly on the crumb, the surface should be pre-leveled with a putty.

Before applying a decorative crumb, the surface of the wall must be prepared: remove the old wallpaper and, if necessary, plaster. In a damp room, the plaster should be removed 50 cm above the level of moisture. Prime the surface thoroughly; treat the fungus found on the walls with an antiseptic. Please note: the main requirement is to protect the surface of the walls from moisture and mold.

Decorative chips can be slightly diluted with water to make the mixture more docile and not very thick. Then part of the mass to scribble with a spatula on the wall. Move the mixture evenly from top to bottom along the wall, removing excess material with a spatula.

It is advisable to pass with a spatula on the wall surface no more than two or three times, since the stones are erased and ugly gray spots are formed. The finished surface dries for at least 6 hours. The surface of the walls is varnished after the final drying (in two weeks). Varnish is desirable to use transparent.

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