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Roof sandwich panels for individual construction

Sandwich panels commonly used in industrial construction are very limitedly used for private construction. The advantages of the construction of buildings and structures of sandwich panels, such as compactness during transportation, simple installation, affordable lightweight foundation is very important in industrial construction. If we add to this the excellent heat, sound and moisture insulation properties of sandwich panels, the finished exterior and interior, then there are simply no analogues of modern building materials for both industrial and administrative buildings.

Why does an individual customer not seek to use such obvious advantages? Because with the small size of a single private house, saving energy and labor resources, for example, on delivery and warehousing, is not great.

At the same time, the strengths of tradition and the preference of classical materials are strong. Especially often, residents of large cities choose a tree for suburban construction as an alternative to urban concrete, regardless of its performance.
Roof of sandwich panels for individual construction. If a variety of materials are used for the construction of a house – wood, brick, blocks, etc., then modern materials cannot be used to construct the roof. Only they can ensure that the requirements for the roof structure are met: heat, water and sound insulation, durability, possibility of modification.

Modern materials for roof structures are used in the form of individual components, and not ready-made roofing sandwich panels. To compare the use of roofing sandwich panels and individual roofing materials, it is important to go through all the steps of mounting the roof structure in stages.

Sizes. Can be accessed from a single architectural plan. In the absence of a plan, measurements of the finished structure built under the roof are performed.
The calculation of the number of required materials.
Purchase of materials and delivery to the construction site.

The roof of the sandwich panels for individual construction. At the same time the list of necessary materials is quite wide. This, of course, is the actual roof, which is widely represented on the market in all segments, from budget to premium. The roof itself is the final part, carrying both the functional and aesthetic visual load. Most of the “iceberg” roof structure is hidden under the roof .. These are heat insulation materials, vapor barrier film. Important components of building materials are fasteners, additional elements, drains and so on.

Laying the roof is an important but final stage of the roof construction, the last one in the roofing “pie”. The process begins with steam and waterproofing, insulation of modern insulation materials, noise insulation.

When mounted from separate materials, the “pie” of the roof is erected in layers. This increases the risks of external exposure to any of the layers. For example, at the time of laying insulation can rain. When moisture enters the insulation, the latter significantly changes its properties, and its protective properties may significantly deteriorate. For the exact selection and proper installation of all components requires a sufficiently high qualification of the working staff. Otherwise it may damage the vapor barrier film. In addition, the materials themselves, possibly purchased in different places, may be of inadequate quality or not properly combined. Phased installation of the roof structure is costly and time and cost, but the result may disappoint the customer.

The use of roof panels reduces the risks of poor quality of individual constituent materials and their unprofessional installation.

In fact, roofing sandwich panels are already ready to roof “pie”. As well as the wall sandwich panels, roofing consists of 2 steel sheets and insulating filler in the middle. Unlike wall roofing sandwich panels have increased stiffening ribs. This is a high profile trapezoidal shape. Roof sandwich panels are mounted with a profile along the slope of the roof, which ensures the damping of the effect of precipitation in the summer and the sliding of snow in the winter. Both the outer layers of cladding sandwich panels, and the top embossed, and the bottom smooth, are highly resistant to corrosion. ultraviolet radiation.

The tight junction of the roof with precise installation ensures a minimum of heat loss, therefore, reducing heating costs. Both the upper and lower sides of the roof sandwich panels do not require any additional finishing. A large selection of colors will satisfy the most demanding customers. Long, almost unlimited service life of roofing sandwich panels, ensures the preservation of all properties throughout its length without special care.

Modern technologies make it possible to use various coatings for galvanized steel sheet on the outer plates of sandwich panels. For example, among popular popular polymer coatings can be called polyester (polyester enamel).

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